Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kirk Man and Caramel

So, we come to see Bob (er Rob depending on how fresh you are with the guy) Kirkman, and I'm psyched. I thought maybe I'd learn something unique, or bear witness to some kind of trick to improve my technique. Basically, he signed my Walking Dead book, I chatted a bit, showed a little of my stuff, and then I went home. Some how I was... vexed about the whole thing. Not with Kirkman at all... more of myself. I would have liked a reaction from Kirkman about my work to be a little more enthusiastic. I think I'm just realizing how far the gap is between the pros and myself. I was finally feeling that the gap was slowly beginning to close just slightly. This means I'm going to work a lot harder to get to a point where the gap is gone. Hopefully, little epiphanies like these will happen to everyone in the group and strengthen every member. Anyway, thanks Bob, you freakin' rule, and thanks for drawing that zombie in my Volume 1, it kicks the face of all who oppose!


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  1. It's not an easy way of life - you better love what you're doing. Here are some blogs of people who have walked, or are are on the path:
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