Friday, October 28, 2011

10/28/11 - Themed Life Drawing Tomorrow Saturday October 29th

Not actual model.
Fans of Themed Life Drawing (TLD) take note: tomorrow, Saturday October 29th, we will have an early Halloween Treat!

At UK Reynolds Building #1, in room 202B from 9am-12pm, the CCG and UK Open Life Drawing Group will be hosting a costumed drawing session. We will have a male and female model dressed in the theme of 1920's cabaret/circus performers. Admission is $7-8 (cash only). Space is limited. This is an uninstructed open drawing session. Bring your own art materials. Models will hold poses of increasing length. 30-seconds up to 45-60 minute poses. Don't be late - there may be dance lifts in the early (quicker) poses!

See the tab for CCG Themed Life Drawing near top of this page to see previous TLD events!

Parking in front of the Reynolds Buildings, along Scott Street, is usually OK on Saturdays.

Reynolds Building #1, 349 Scott Street
Here's another map link to help you find the Reynolds Building: