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Last updated: 12/18/12 
About: Inspired by Cabaret Life Drawing at 21C Museum/Hotel in Louisville and The Drawing Club out in California we started a local version here in January 2011. This is an ongoing and evolving project and we want and need the involvement of lots of other creative and energetic folks.

Participate: Please contact CCG Coordinator at if you:
  • want to attend and draw
  • want to model and have a costume
  • want to help with staging, lighting, costumes, makeup or props
  • want to host this event at your venue
  • want to vote your preference for themes, day and time
  • have suggestions
Upcoming events: 

Monday May 4th 2015 (Star Wars Day - May The Fourth Be With You)
Katie as Princess Leia, How to Draw Star Wars, Themed Life Drawing
Star Wars In the Park I - Celebration of official Star Wars Day, Art Festival, and Block Party
5 till Dark (8:45 ish,) Hill N Dale Park, 2351 Maplewood Drive
Sunday May 3rd 2015 (Star Wars Day Eve)
Star Wars - 501st Battalion, Star Wars author signings & Katie as Princess Leia, TLD
12:30 - 4p, Upper Level, Jospeh-Beth Booksellers, Lexington Green

Past Events
Saturday May 2nd 2015 (Free Comic Book Day) FCBD 2015 Cosplay Contest TLD
Various Cosplayer Models

5- 7p A Plus Comics,  Southland Drive, Lexington

TBA, 2013 Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill TLD
Katie as
7-9p,Manifest Studio, Cincinnati OH

Sunday September 29th, 2013 Harem Scene TLD (Long Pose)
Katie as Maharishi
1-4p, Reynolds Building, Rm 202

Friday December 28th, 2012
7p - 10p, *private residence, Lexington KY

Join us for an evening of Themed Life Drawing! Our theme will be inspired by Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity science fiction universe. Our model will be portraying one of the female characters from the series, likely Zoe, the faithful and tough as nails second mate to the stoic captain of the Firefly, Mal.

Admission for the event is $7. Bring the 2-d media of your choosing (as long as it's not too messy, as we will be drawing at someone's home!). A range of poses from 1minute up to 30 minutes is the plan.

Once you are confirmed to attend you will be sent full details. Space is limited (upper limit will 14-16 or as our host Chris decides) - so don't wait till the last minute... 

Sign up on facebook -

Star Wars TLD May 2012! Looking at venues, need technical help, models and venue hosts!

Future themes (please voice your preference): Feudal Japan, Real Local Heroes:Firefighter, Disney Princesses Grown Up, Macro Sketch: Beetles, Civil War Re-enactors, Field Trip: Louisville Zoo, Field Trip: Newport Aquarium, Field Trip: Bowling Green Corvette Museum, Field Trip: KY Horse Park - Parade of Breeds, Field Trip: Louisville Frazier History Museum

Archive events: Xombie Nation 1/27/11, She Pirate 2/27/11, Star Wars 5/25/11. Star Wars 5/29/11, Brave 6/23/12
Flickr CCG Themed Life Drawing GROUP - the place to share your photos and artwork scans/photos.

Star Wars (5/25/11 and 5/29/11)
Update: 5/30/11
Beaumont Branch Library's Large Meeting room looked more like a movie set than a conference room yesterday as we held our second Star Wars TLD in less than a week!

It was the 34th anniversary of the Star Wars movie first opening (May 25th, 1977) and we just couldn't stop!

We may have even topped our longer event from earlier in the week as we had a member of the 501st Legion in full Stormtrooper armor, Princess Leia in her alluring slave girl attire, and the mysterious female Sith!

We didn't have near enough time as I would have liked - but there's always next year! Thanks to our models and all who attended!

Update: 5/25/11
ccg_TLD_III_starWars_May25_2011 007Thanks to our talented models, gracious host (Lexington Visual Collective) and all the adventurous artists that came out to draw last night! Let's keep the TLD fun going!

And in that vein we will! There will be a Mini Star Wars - TLD event at the May 2011 CCG Meeting/Workshop - this Sunday, 5/29/11 starting at 1:30pm at Beaumont Branch Library!

Update: 5/23/11
To celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the first movie Lexington KY Comic Creators Group presents an evening of:

Star Wars Themed Life Drawing
At Lexington Visual Collective from 6-9pm Wed 5/25/11
754 North Limestone Avenue, Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 913-0880
Admission: $5-7 or free if you come in Star Wars costume and pose for 15 minutes

We will have multiple professional models in Star Wars attire. Bring your favorite sketching/drawing supplies and be prepared for a variety of poses from 1 minute in length to 30 minutes.

Need help with costuming? here's a costuming site fore anyone wanting to model for Wednesday' Star Wars Themed Life Drawing and needing some costume help/ideas- thanks to Katie Anderson for sharing this!
For more information: web- or email -

Initial Post: 5/5/11
Wednesday May 25th 2011 is the 34th anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars movie back in 1977 (see Wikipedia entry).

I think this would be a great theme for our CCG Themed Life Drawing (TLD)! We could do this as a stand alone event on the 25th or have it as part of our meeting/workshop (as we did in January and February of this year - see CCG blog posts) as in the past two.

5/25/11 Wednesday option:
  • If we do it stand alone we have more options and more time.
  • But some folks might not be available during the middle of the week (likely in the 6-11pm time range)? 
  • We could go for 2 or 3 hours.
  • Could have multiple models.
  • Could have nude, partially draped or risque costumed characters (if we are set up at a drawing studio)
  • We could find a venue with dais and lights.
  • We could try and do some basic backdrops, staging and props.
  • We can collect a small fee from attendees to cover expenses and make a charitable contribution - maybe the Comic Book Defense League or similar.

5/29/11  Sunday option
  • No mandatory fees (library won't allow that).
  • Session length would about 60-90 minutes.
  • Less set up - no dais or elaborate lighting.
  • Model attire must be modest - public library setting.
  • Could integrate the life drawing with an impromptu Star Wars comic creation exercise

Please contact CCG Coordinator at if you:
  • want to attend and draw
  • want to model and have a Star Wars costume
  • want to help with staging, lighting, makeup or props
  • want to host this event at your venue
  • want top vote your preference for day and time
  • have suggestions
She Pirate (2/27/11)

Mardis Gras and She Pirates!
Our next get together is this Febrary 27th 2011 for a CCG Meeting/Workshop! The location will be held in the large conference room at the Lexington Public Library's Beaumont Branch  from 1:30 - 4:30pm.  RSVP by email (or on the CCG Calendar for any updates.

We will have some Cajun Food on tap and a lady pirate to match our Mardis Gras/New Orleans theme!

We will have a an informative presentation on "how to prepare your first comic show table set up" after our drawing session and a break for some Louisiana inspired food.
Our lady pirate will strike 15-20 poses  as we have a 60-75 minute  "shiver me timbers" live drawing session! Bring your sketch gear for a series of fast but intense static poses (5 mins or less!). This is our second go at  having regular themed life drawing sessions available to Lexington artists! Let us know if you want more like this?

So Matey, This is one CCG Meeting you will NOT want to miss!

Additional resources about comic con exhibitor table set up:

Xombie Nation (1/27/11)

2011 February 01 - Postmortem Report on Xombie Nation! CCG Meeting/Workshop

Thriller Stage Show Halloween 2010
photo by Jennifer Miller
xombieNationCCG_TLD_Misty_Jan30_2011_00009Xombie Nation! was held last Sunday for the first time. We started out with an incredible dance routine by the mysterious Silent Hill zombie nurse. While still in shock and awe from the fantastic improvisational dance we moved on to nearly an hour of expressive and challenging poses by our model and muse. Here is a link to a flickr group set up expressly for sharing and commenting on CCG Themed Life Drawing (TLD) work: artwork and
 photos. This was our pilot run at having these sessions - I want feedback from our artists! Look for another CCG TLD session in February!