Saturday, January 05, 2013

1/4/13 - January CCG Meeting/Workshop Sunday the 27th

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Happy New Year! 

Let's hope the Mayans are right (this time) about thirteen being a lucky number! We will be having a full three hour CCG meeting/workshop this month! New and old are welcome, and as always all meeting are free and open to the public. Children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

Location: Large Conference Room, Beaumont Branch, Lexington Public Library, 3080 Fieldstone Way, Lexington, KY 40513

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January 27th 2013 CCG Meeting/Workshop - Tentative Agenda:

Community Announcements -

  • The Lexington Drawing and Painting Group on MeetUp - a new collaborative venture with other area arts groups. Another way to get the word out about local arts events, classes and opportunities! Think of it as arts clearing house. Might be the virtual start for a Student Art League in this area! Last month we co-hosted a Themed Life Drawing (TLD) event: Zoe from the Firefly/Serenity universe of Joss Whedon! 
  • Lexington Comic & Toy Convention is a multimedia show highlighting mainstream comics - coming March 16 & 17 in downtown Lexington. Do we want to get a table? Do we want to have something (mini comic anthology or group sketchbook) ready for then? Do we want to present, as in a panel? Do we want to set up a talk/demo/workshop with one the pro guests coming to Lexington? 
  • SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo) is geared to the independent comics producer and consumer - coming up April 13 & 14 in Columbus OH. Another great opportunity to set up at a table and promote the CCG, collective work and individual work by the members!

Educational Activities -

  • Comics project - Work on/show work for Dark Horse Comics Ghost Script (will everyone have something ready by then - or do we start the process at the meeting? Who needs some help getting started? Does everyone have an idea of how to work from a script? If not let me know - I have lot's of how to material that may give you some ideas. 
  • Themed Life Drawing - if we can pull it together (model and costume) my idea is to have a real life "Ghost" that we can all use for making a character sheet/model sheet for Ghost. This is what you use as a guide for drawing your characters - serves to keep you consistent in your depiction of the costume and character likeness. 

Networking Opportunities -

  • Business Card Swap - learn more about each other and how to get and keep in contact 
  • Sample or Tear Sheet Exchange - cartoonists, illustrators, caricature artists, storyboard artists, entertainment design artists - show us your skills! 
  • Mini Comic/Zine Trade - from xeroxed miniature comics to oversize full color magazines - mini comics are short run publications - likely 1000 copies or less (does not describe size or page count ). If you have 'em - bring 'em! Trade, barter or sell to our assemblage!