Tool Talk

Tools for Cartooning, Illustration, Animation, Caricature, and Entertainment Design

Drawing traditional media:

Brush Pens:

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen - easy to carry, replaceable ink cartridge, good line weight variation, durable brush tip. Pricey but will last.


1.3mm Mechanical Pencil Staples Brand - nice one with a metal lead sleeve, exposed large and long eraser. Click advance eraser end. Holds up better than the Staedtler I am now returning after the plastic body has cracked.


Tombow Mono Zero 2.3mm Elastomer Eraser - mechanical pencil style, refillable, unique small diameter and steel sleeve allow you to "draw" with white (or whatever your paper color is).

Opaque White:

Sharpies Brand Water Base Paint Marker - various sizes. Good coverage. Handy Pen applicator. NO STINK! Stocked at Michael's (can use coupon for this!). Hard to find extra fine size......find it online maybe or in Louisville at Preston Arts Supply.

Drawing/Painting Digital Media:


AutoDesk SketchBook Pro (multiple versions)- great out the box pencil tool. Easy learning curve.  Exports as layered Photoshop format file. Keeps getting better. Good for Comics, Caricature, Illustration, Entertainment Design - very versatile!

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