Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/29/13 - CCG Themed Life Drawing (TLD) - Long Pose - Sultan's Harem

Continuing in our initiative (see the CCG TLD tab) to create more diverse drawing and learning opportunities for all artists - The Lexington KY Comic Creators Group  (CCG) is hosting a Themed Life Drawing (TLD)  event with  the cooperation and support of the UK Community Arts program this Sunday, September 29th from 1-4pm. The event will be held in one the studios on the 2nd floor of the Reynolds Building #1.  (Follow the posted signs or call ahead for exact details.)

Long Pose - Sultan's Harem Theme - UK Reynolds Building - Sunday S9/29/13 - 1-4pm - All Mediums Welcome*
* Mediums that will be SAFE in an enclosed space

2011, Jonathan Gilpin,
Pitt Markers size?
Date: Sunday 9/29/13 1pm-4pm
Location: UK Reynolds Building #1, drawing or painting studio 2nd floor
Cost: $ 8-7 adults, $5 students
Format: clothed, 10 minutes of short exploratory poses, 5 minute setup, 2-1/2 hour pose with three 5 minute breaks - long pose drawing, painting or sculpture  - possible extension of pose for 2nd session if there is support, photos taken with model's approval and willingness to share with host
Theme: Sultan's boudoir, model in belly dancer costume, hookah, large potted palms, candles, Persian rugs, pillows, tapestries, fainting couch, Moorish pattern screens, lighting, soundtrack
Budget: model fees: $45, props $:0-45
Technical Assistance: prop collection, lighting, audio - Teresas, Melissa, Farhad, Mike, Matt Cooper
Contacts: Tony Roccanova, Jonathan Gilpin

Updcoming CCG TLDs:
I propose these two days** and possibly two costume/themes: (note both will be clothed modeling sessions, based upon the models preferences- and appropriate for !4+ years of age artists)
**If you have other ideas for themes or venues - please tell me! Would like to get these happening on a monthly basis - next up would be October (Halloween Theme) and November (Thanksgiving, Football, or Pilgrim Theme)

CCG Themed Life Drawing - Dark Horse Comics Ghost 

December 2012, Katie as Ghost,
photo by Mike Burrell
Date: Sunday 10/27/13, 2:30 -4:30pm
Location: Beaumont Branch, Lexington Public Library
Cost: Free Event
Format: clothed, short poses, 1 min -15 min, drawing and sketching
Theme: Comic Book character portrayal with Katie as Ghost (tie into try out script Ghost script from Dark Horse Comics or aspiring comic artists?) fan, lights
Budget: model fees: $30 ( costume, $0 (already made/assembled)
Contacts: Jonathan Gilpin

CCG Themed Life Drawing - Dark Horse Comics Ghost 

2013, Jonathan Gilpin,
india ink and wash, 19" x 25"
Date: Sunday, 11/17/13 evening (exact time TBA)
Location: TBD (Jonathan to host)
Cost: $ 8-7 adults, $5 students
Format:  clothed 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 minute poses, 30 minute poses, 45-60 minute pose sketching and drawing
Theme: Movie Re-enactment of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Katie as lead Femme Fatale
Budget: model fees: $45, costume: $0 (already made/assembled)
Props: 60's era stuff, motorcycle, switchblade, tire chains, male motorcycle gang member victim for Katie to hold down {John Howard?}
Contacts: Jonathan Gilpin

If you are interested in modeling, drawing, or helping with staging, makeup, cosutming or props please contact me!

Email (lexkyccg"at"gmail"dot" com), phone (859) 276-5528 or text message me Jonathan Gilpin (859) 699-8640. Also watch our facebook page (or join our private group), CCG Coordinators's events on my facebook page and listings on The Lexington Drawing & Painting Group on for more info and further artistic opportunities!

UDPATE: 10/28/13 Long Pose - Sultan's Harem Theme

2013, Mike Burrell, media?, size?
Here a few images from the Harem Boudoir TLD from a few weeks back:

We ended up having about a 2-hour long pose. The abundance of textures and surfaces was quite challenging!

Looking forward to our next long pose! As an artist you definitely need to strategize your approach differently than from shorter poses. If we extend the poses even longer to allow sculptors to join the session then that changes it even more!

Link to group gallery: