Sunday, October 07, 2012

10/7/12 - 24-Hour Comics Day & Halloween Comics Fest - What a Combo!!

Wanted to alert/remind folks about these two October comics events. These will likely be hosted in comics stores and art schools all around the nation, as well as Louisville, Cincinnati, Nashville, Huntington, Columbus and Lexington.

What I like to do is post a master listing of what's being done locally and regionally on the CCG blog! So if you know of events in your area please send me the scoop and I will post it for all to see!

24-Hour Comic Book Day - can be shortened to a 4-Hour event or I have even heard of it being a 24-Day Comic event. Please follow the above link or visit Scott McCloud's site to understand the history of this challenge Scott made with his colleagues and friends  Steve Bissette and Neil Gaiman. The most important part is MAKING COMICS and breaking out of the inue of  thinking - to the state of doing! You can do this alone or with a group - but as Nike is fond of saying "Just Do It!" Then share it....

Here is a link to the official event locator:

Halloween ComicFest (Free Comic Book Day II) - This year we get a second FCBD! Because of Halloween and new comics day both falling on a Wednesday the ever thoughtful l Diamond Distributors came up with this new version to help promote sales in October. This is a chance not only to pick up free comics made for this event, but also for LOCAL creators to distribute (with the approval of the shops) their mini comics and other products. For COSPLAYERS this is a chance to strut their costuming prowess and compete in best Halloween Costume contests!! For artists this can then become a costumed life drawing event....the opportunities just continue to bloom!

Here is the link to the official event locator:

As you now no doubt see these two events can feed into one another - as you share your comics made one week the following week as your own mini comic! Happy cartooning to all!