Tuesday, January 24, 2006

01/24/06 - First Post & Project 1

art: 2005 J.Gilpin, drawn with Alias Sketchbook Pro 2 and a wacom intuous tablet
Hi! Welcome to a blog about our local Comic Creators Group. I have inherited the organizer role from Jason "Wolf" Hicks who started this group in 2005.

My intention is to use this space as a way to keep members up to date on events and meetings.
Other possible use are:

1.discussion of comic creation,

2.post your comments to the blog item,

3.sharing work: text and images,post a link to your site,

4.getting/giving constructive criticism of yours or others work,

5.sharing relevant links to other sites,
and probably lots of other things that don't come to mind now.

This is my first blog, so beware, I will probably make lots of mistakes along the way. Kind hearted suggestions as to how to make this blog better are welcome.

At our next meeting (we meet the first and last Tuesday of each month) January 31, 2006 we have an assignment due: Justin Fox and I decided to make a project so that we would have some specific work to help one another with.

Project 1 (due 1/31/06)
Layout the first four pages of Robert Kirkman's (our local comic writer celebrity) zombie comic, The Walking Dead (the scriptbook is available at A+Comics for $3.95).

Work from the script not the actual comic (that's cheating!)
Here is a link to great website by Scott McDaniel (of DC comics Nightwing fame) http://www.scottmcdaniel.net/ It uses frames so you will have to go to Drawing Comics in the top left frame and then Sequential Art #1 in the bottom left frame. Here you can see how he works from the script to create thumbnail layouts and finished layouts.

These layouts shouldn't be finished drawings , instead they should show the panel layout and size and give a rough indication of what is happening. These should be half size (7.5"H x 5"W) or smaller (based on an original art page size of 15"H x 10"W). Bring your layouts with you and/or post lnks to your images in a comment.


  1. This is a test to see how comments work. No anonymous posts - so you have to creat an account - not hard. Don't see a way to post images - that's a downer - will make sharing harder.

  2. Don't see way to upload image with comments...but you can include a
    to an image already on the web somewhere. This was an image I colored in Photoshop while experimenting using a displacement map on the shirt. Original art by Adam Hughes.