Thursday, February 09, 2006

02/09/06 - Local Pulizter Prize Winner Speaks Out

Joel Pett our editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader was on National Public Radio's All Things Considered this past Tuesday (here is a link to the story and audio file archives) talking about recent news events regarding cartooning and the right to free speach. I hope you all listen to his audio editorial.
I may be crossing a line with this post (this is not a blog about politics) - but I think cartoonists should be watching these issues quite closely. Have you noticed how many news stories talk about the images without showing them? How can there be a public discourse about this without seeing the objects of so much controversy? Mostly I object to those who are propagandizing and inflaming the Danish cartoon situation with misinformation to provoke violence and destruction. Surely, if anyone is breaking moral laws, it would be them.
Here is an interesting story regarding that -
And here are the comments of respected comic artist: Joe Kubert -

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