Tuesday, June 27, 2006

06/27/06 - Meeting Time or Location Changes

Tonights meeting has been cancelled for lack of an organizer. I am unable to attend and could not find a replacement.

Starting in July we will need to move our meeting day to stay at A+Comics OR change locations to stay with our Tuesday meeting day. All the promotional posters distributed to date give the meeting day and time as "Tuesday nights, 6:30-8pm" and refer them here to the blog for the meeting location. Because of this I am inclined to try changing locations - some options:
  1. Meeting room at a Lexington Public Library
  2. Private residence of group members
  3. Another comic shop
Please add your thoughts or suggestions as comment or a separate post (if you have a lot to say).

Due to a work commitment I will not be able to attend the July 11th meeting. If anyone is interested in organizing that meeting please contact me at lexkyccg@gmail.com
If no one steps up for that meeting it will have to be cancelled - stay tuned.

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