Friday, March 30, 2007

3/30/07 - Scott McCloud Talk In Columbus

Lesson: Keep the faith even when things aren't going your way!

OK, I have egg on my face. I got kind of bummed out after failing to get a local (Lexington) Scott McCloud talk/seminar set up for this spring (see previous posts) and stopped watching his website (and posting to this blog, and scheduling meetings, etc..). Well, I got bit hard for indulging in my little pity party. Unknown to me until after the fact Mr. McCloud spoke earlier this month at two nearby sites: March 6th in Louisville (UofL) and March 7th in Indianapolis (IUPUI). Did anyone reading this attend either of these? Post a comment with your reactions if you did.

Well anyway, just two days ago I saw that there will be another Scott McCloud talk this time in Columbus OH (about a 3-hour drive) on April 4th. I hope to make the trip (send me an email if anyone wants to carpool) to the Ohio State Cartoon and Research Library (see earlier post about the Festival of Cartoon Art they will be hosting in October).

Don't miss this one as it may be a while till (or if) he gets back to our region!!

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