Thursday, June 14, 2007

6/14/07 - CCG Live Drawing for Downtown Gallery Hop

Several of us are going to get together tomorrow night at a local coffee house and do some cartooning. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate or just gawk if it looks like too much of a train wreck for your taste! A bit of humor as this will be our first try at this sort of event and I'm not sure what all we will end up doing - but I'm sure it will be different and stimulating!! (With or without a double lattte!)

1st CCG (Lexington KY Comic Creators Group) Gallery Hop Event

Anyway in an effort to expose and promote our group while being able to create art in a different and hopefully collaborative atmosphere, we have been trying to find a place for any of us to draw comics in a public environment.Maybe this will even draw out some of you closet extroverts to come to a CCG event! Please send us feedback on this...

Some of the possibilities....
  • Large scale comics
  • Interactive comics (leave panels, word balloons, thought balloons, or captions empty and invite participation by visitors)
  • Immersive comics (including passersby or actual events in the story)
  • Big group jam page (strawberry is really good, oh no not that kind of jam) think jazz music, improvisational and collaborative...
  • Big group doodle page (no stress here - just go to town or be laid back - whatever!)
  • Contact me or Wolf if you are interested (or just show up if you are a commitment-phobe!) and to get more info.
  • Thinks BIG and BRING your own supplies ...just in case we don't have your favorite marker. You may consider white foam core board if you want to work big on a wall. Sharpies are cheap but bold.
  • PLEASE - nothing TOO MESSY! (We want to be able to come back if we like the space!)
  • We should have a large table so the regular scale paper and supplies should be OK too.
  • Be ready for something different - you can do it the same old way at home!

WHERE: (subject to change call there or the contacts to be sure)
  • Common Grounds Coffee House, 343 E High St, Lexington, KY 40507, (859) 233-9761 Upstairs "conference room"

WHEN:(subject to change call there or the contacts to be sure)
  • Friday June 15th, 5:30 - 8:30p

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