Friday, December 28, 2007

12/28/07 - Interested in print on demand publishing?

If you are thinking about self-publishing your next comic epic, you might want to take a look at Ka-Blam Digital Printing. They are one of two main "print-on-demand" comic producers (the other being ComixPress) and they recently shifted their business model eliminating set-up fees altogether. Admittedly, you have to serve up your pages per their digital specifications, but it's a straightforward way to see your title in print and on sale relatively quickly. Great for the individual comic creator trying to get started.

Get all the details on their killing their fees here and learn more at Comics printed by Ka-Blam can then be sold/marketed by their sister site IndyPlanet. Check out that site by visiting

To take a look at ComixPress (comparison shop!) just stop by

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