Sunday, March 09, 2008

Street Fighter Tribute!

Udon Entertainment has announced an open call to illustrators and artists to submit artwork in a contest for the new Street Fighter Tribute artbook. Udon is a Canada-based art collective, affectionately dubbed the "Udon Crew," that has been around since 2000. Their artwork appears in magazines, table-top RPGs, collectable card games, and numerous official Capcom artbooks and comics. (That's just to name a few.) Their artbooks always include such diverse artistic styles that even if you're not familiar with the franchises they illustrate for, you can still find joy in the work found in their pages.

Most of the artists can be found on Deviant art through Udon's postings, and being able to get your work published under Udon is almost garaunteed recognition and great exposure. I recommend browsing them to get a feel for what they might be looking for in an artist. For full contest details, go here:

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