Sunday, August 10, 2008

08/08/08 - LexArts/CCG Comic Art Show OPENS - Watch for More!

Well what do you know? We had a GREAT show opening Friday August 8th 2008 at ArtsPlace, 161 North Mill Street, Lexington KY 40507. Thanks to our Juror and Lecturer, SCAD - Atlanta, Sequential Art Program Professor - Shawn Crystal!

I met Shawn a little over a year ago and felt an immediate connection, if you meet him you I'm sure you will agree he immensely personable and approachable! But my professional impression of him as a cartoonist and teacher still continues to grow! What a joy he has been to work with and learn from these past several days!

, please know you are always welcome here in Lexington by the CCG and yours truly! I'm sure Nathan and LexArts feels the same way!

Thanks to the UK Library Conservation and Preservation Department folks: Becky, Kazuko, Cliff and Shel.

Thanks to the and (B****p**** S***** reference removed 12/13/09 at request of subject) magazine (look for more on this groundbreaking forthcoming publication soon!) for the media coverage.

Thanks to all the artists who bravely submitted and laid themselves out for the world to see - you guys literally made the show!

The workshop today was a great time and hopefully the start of a series of high quality/low cost comic art workshops in Lexington! Thanks to Nathan Zamarron and James Clarke of LexArts for providing a wonderful venue for the training today and all your guidance and help throughout setting up this show and this weekends related programming.

But wait - the show will be up through September 6th. Please visit the show soon and often. You may find that we add features to the display throughout it's run - can you say KY Comic Reading Room? Comic creators please contact me if you would like to have a reading copy of your comic in our gallery reading lounge.

But wait, ...AGAIN! Sunday August 10th we will close out our opening weekend with a free presentation by Herald Leader Cartoonist extraordinary, Chris Ware!

Chris' work is like what you would expect from a national magazine like Time or Newsweek - really incredible!

He will be showing his working process for converting a pencil drawing to a print ready color piece (Photoshop Coloring!!). Chris's demo is free and open to the public from 2-4pm at ArtsPlace, 161 North Mill Street, Lexington KY 40507.

Bring the kids down for the show! This should be an enlightening and interesting program for the whole family!

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