Thursday, October 16, 2008

10/16/08 - 24 Hour Comic Day - Last Minute Planning!

If you want to participate in the upcoming 24 Hour Comics Day as an artist click here to sign up and here to check your input - no promise yet that it will happen - still need a venue!

The official date is this Saturday October 18th! As long as you start or finish within that 24 hour period you are fine.

Comic Shops, Colleges, Art Studios: if you want to host this 24HCD event (either as a full day or the shortened 6-hour & 6-page version we typically do) email me ASAP or post a comment here on the blog. Remember the full 24 hours hosting has some special needs - see the official website: FAQ Hosting 24HDC.

OK I like to make comics and I'm intrigued: how does this work?
Here is the basic set of rules as defined by Scott McCloud: The Dare.

So far, in the past half hour, I have two people who want to participate....speak quickly if you want to play along!

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