Saturday, September 26, 2009

09/26/09 Back to School Special Meeting/Workshop Sunday

Tomorrow we will having our annual "Back to School Special" Meeting/Workshop at the Beaumont Branch Library. This meeting is our annual recruitment drive also - so you regulars: please bring that friend who you have been meaning to tell about our little group! New folks: bring samples of your work to share and get input from fellow comic creators, illustrators and animators.

It should be an exciting meeting, our special guest speaker and instructor will be Fran Riddell. Fran will be talking about her training and experiences as a caricature artist and give an introductory lesson to the group. Fran, besides teaching art full time at a local parochial school, is in great demand by groups and agencies for her skill at caricature. It is encouraging to hear her reports that her part-time vocation is in great demand and should serve as encouragement for many visual artists out there that there are still ways to make a living following their passion and creating art.

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