Wednesday, October 07, 2009

10/07/09 - UK Community Arts Group Gallery Show - Year THREE!

Being able to draw the human figure is a foundation skill for cartooning, illustration, animation and many other visual art specialties. Here in Lexington we don't have a whole lot of options for adult learning but there has been one beacon of light that has been a consistent resource for several years. Here is a news release describing a current gallery show from the UK Community Arts Group:

Lexington KY - September 27th 2009 - The UK Community Arts Group is proud to announce our third annual Gallery Show: "Life Drawing". This group show is from a collective of artists who attend the long running open life drawing sessions in the Reynolds Building. The works displayed are from the past year and were either created at these sessions or derived from work created there. This is a varied group not just in age (twenties to eighties) but in cultural background, degree of formal training and artistic approach.

We invite all to attend during the run of the show but especially hope our current and past models along with absent members and friends will grace our gala reception.

The show dates will be:

  • Opening on Monday 9/28/09
  • Reception on Friday 10/02/09. Reception times are 6-9pm. Light refreshments served.
  • Last Exhibition date: Friday 10/9/09

The show will be held on the UK Campus at:

Raymond Barnhart Gallery
Room 206
Reynolds Building 1
672 South Broadway (near the intersection of Scott Street)
Lexington KY 40506-0101

For further information about the show please contact Professor Arturo Sandoval, Barnhart Gallery Director at (859) 230-9635 (email:

This post is getting up quite late - this show will be up for just another three days! But this is a great example of community art and the variety of artists and work that can come from it. This show is a group show show presented in an informal "salon" style of presentation. The link that ties it at all together is that the work was created or derived from studies created in the open life drawing sessions held Saturday mornings and (currently, but subject to change semester to semester) Tuesday evenings in the Reynolds Building. These are open, uninstructed life drawing sessions with a nude model. We have artists with no formal training alongside retired professor emerita. We have an age range from late teens to octogenarians. This exhibition is an exciting time when we actually get to see what our fellow artists have been creating and can compare to our own work - often of the same model or even the same pose!

My thanks go out to UK Architecture Professor Tony Roccanova, who tirelessly coordinates the open life drawing sessions, Professor Hui Chi Lee who among many things acts as a group liaison with the art department, Professor Arturo Sandoval, the Barnhart Gallery Director and great friend to the community arts group and Professor Ben Withers, chair of the UK Art Department, upon whose generosity and support we all prosper.

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