Thursday, August 05, 2010

08/05/10 - Cincinnati Comic Expo

In a little over a month the very first Cincinnati Comic Expo will take place. This one day show is unique in the number of golden and silver age comic creators that it will have as guests. People like Russ Heath, Allen Bellman and Murphy Anderson. An impressive lineup for any show much less a fledgling event! The impressive lineup of  guests continues and  includes contemporary independent artists Laura Innes, Thom ZahlerCCG art show exhibitor Mike Maydak from NKY, and fan favorite/local artist Tony Moore.

I am excited that a quality show is happening so close to home and will be sure to attend. Getting to meet and talk with living legends of comics is treat too rare to pass up. This is also a great opportunity for local upstarts to display their works as an exhibitor! Visit the Cincinnati Comic Expo official site for more information:

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