Thursday, October 07, 2010

10/07/10 - World Equestrian Games and Spotlight on Lexington

We here in Lexington have been hearing about the World Equestrian Games or WEG for years now and I think many of us were tired of what seemed like a lot of hype before it even started! Well, as one those initial negative nellies I have to confess that I am now a convert and have been very impressed with Spotlight on Lexington (a 16-day festival of cultural performances, mostly musical in downtown Lexington) and the actual games themselves! Spotlight on Lexington performances are all free and open to the public! This is a great gift to the people of Lexington and I hope many in the area are recognizing the opportunity and taking in as many of these acts as possible. Thank you to the many sponsors who financed these fine performances!

I have attended the WEG twice now, both times with only a general admission pass ($25 at the gate). Even without attending the events I was very enthralled with what was available: specifically the numerous demonstrations at the Equine Village. If you are at all interested in the horse these presentations will be quite entertaining and uplifting. It is a joy to watch and be with people who are clearly doing something they love. Speaking of which, both of these ongoing (until Sunday 10/10/10) events are great opportunities for artists to draw, sketch and learn. Here you will be able to draw a wide spectrum of people and the many breeds and qualities of our equine friends. Two animals have made an immense impact on the development of human civilization: the dog and the horse. I find it quite touching that these noble animals seek our companionship, acceptance and dare I say, love.

The Kentucky Horse Park may very well be the premiere equine facility in all the world, something we Kentuckians can all have a little pride in. Don't be put off by fears of crowds or long lines - neither of these were an issue on the days I went (which were Tuesdays - the final weekend may be different).Take the LexTran shuttle and avoid the $20 parking fee at the park or ride share with a group of friends and split the cost. Just make sure and visit our state park during this once in a lifetime event! I would attend everyday if work and my fall allergies would allow!

Share your art! I encourage all my fellow artists to post a comment or send a link to online galleries of their sketches and drawings of the WEG or Spotlight events.

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