Sunday, April 08, 2012

Comic Art Workshop II - Possilbly 7/1/12 with Larry Hama!

Larry Hama compiled this collection from Wally Wood's personal notes.
Comic creators (writers and artists) and fans of Larry Hama. Here's a chance to learn more about your craft from one knowledgeable guy!! Larry contributed to New Yorks first underground comic, assisted Wally Wood, worked as one of the "Crusty Bunkers" at Neil Adams studio, has worked for Atlas, Marvel and DC Comics.He is famous for his work on Iron Fist (Marvel Premiere), GI Joe, and Nth Man Ultimate Ninja. Larry has worked professionally in comics as a penciller, inker, writer and editor.
"Silent Interlude" from G.I. Joe #21 (March 1984).
Art by Larry Hama (breakdowns) and 
Steve Leialoha(finishes).

The Lexington KY Comic Creators Group (CCG) is exploring hosting Larry for a lecture/presentation the day after (Sunday July 1st,2012) the Derby City Comic Con (Saturday June 30th 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky). This one day (3-4hour) comic art workshop will be mostly theory and cover similar material to what Larry did at MOCCA's NYC master cartooning lecture (midway down page at this link:

Please contact me: CCG Coordinator ( before 4/22/12 if you would like to attend this event in Louisville KY. Include name, email and phone as a minimum amount of contact info. We are currently measuring interest and support for this event before we commit to holding it. If this is something you want to happen we need to hear from you!

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