Monday, May 07, 2012

5/7/12 - Rundown of March Events - LCTC & McLeod Workshop

Illustrator Sal Villagran (left) at the CCG Table
March 2012 was very busy month near the end. The CCG set up at the very first Lexington Comic& Toy Convention. This was a pleasure to see and be part of - we now have a quality mid size comic show in our own hometown!

Thanks to Jarrod Greer and his many helpers for completing the trifecta (obligatory horse racing lingo for Kentucky folks). We now have three excellent comic shows within easy driving distance:  first, two years ago there was the Cincinnati Comic Expo (Andrew Satterfield and Matt Bredestege)
 and then last year Eric Bannister and his crew of merry elves pulled off a stellar start for the Louisville based Derby City Comic Con.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast illustrator Sal Villagran for keeping me company at our table for a good part of the show.

 Thanks to everyone who stopped by and signed up for the CCG email list. Please email me if you have not been added. It was nice meeting some of of our newer members who have not attended a meeting yet - hope to have one soon!

Bob presented novel insights about Grapic Storytelling
and Inking during the one day workshop
Bob is a great teacher and demonstrated an
 amazing control over the tools of his trade!

One of the reasons this abundance of quality comic conventions in our area is so exciting for the CCG is that it brings comics industry professionals to our back door and opens possibilities for talks and workshops!.

Bob McLeod and I have been talking about something like this since we met in 2007 at the Baltimore Comic Con. But our group is just not big enough or have enough resources to cover complete travel costs - but thanks to Bob being invited to the LCTC a major hurdle was cleared for us.

Our next education event will be a presentation by Larry Hama in Louisville on Sunday July 1st. Our host venue will be the Kentucky School Of Art (thanks to Skylar Smith).

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