Friday, July 24, 2015

Planning for our next CCG Meeting/Workshop - Llkely End of August or Early September?

Hello readers - our active members are mulling over when. where,  and what time to next have our CCG meeting/workshop!

If you want to chime in - please email your suggestions to:

or post to the Lexington KY Comic Creators Group Facebook Page with your thoughts!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We also hope to have some CCG TLDs (Themed Life Drawing sessions - see tab on this site for more info or visit the FB page and check out the photos of past drawing sessions and themes). These TLDs can be part of a regular meeting/workshop and would be FREE or might be a stand alone event where we could all pitch in to cover the model and/or venue costs!
Some classic Prince Valiant art by the great Hal Foster!

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