Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/28/10 - The Year in Review - Political Cartoons

2010 - it's been quite a year! Let's see the one you like! (Cartoonists send me your toons as well to post here.) Blog members feel free to append to this post or readers can add comments with links to their images! 

I just saw this one (We work, They Profit) on an Iraqi Student Solidarity site and it has that classic power of old style political cartooning - with strong allegorical types represented. Let's just take a nice long look at the form - and not obsess about the message or the speaker, shall we?

If you buy that this is a dying art - think again!  You need to study history and look at some of the great examples of this important art form! As long as we have corruption, waste, ignorance, intolerance and greed we will have a place for these brave critics who hold up a mirror to our lifestyle and politics.

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