Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010/12/20 - Pencil Sketch - Live Art! Tron Legacy - Movie Tavern

Olivia Wilde from Tron Legacy - pencil sketch from movie still -
HB lead  in Staples 1.3mm mechanical pencil
Finally got over to one of Justin Stewart and Quarantine Comics Live Art events at Movie Tavern. The theme was Tron Legacy and I had been anxious to see this - being a video game player from when the first movie came out back in the '80s!

Thanks to Justin and Movie Tavern - had a great time and want to come back for more!

PS: If you want to attend one these contact Justin on his Facebook page - here is a link to the next happening Green Hornet Live Art! this Saturday 1/15/11 (link to FB event:

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