Monday, July 02, 2007

07/02/07 - Digital Painting Accelerated Videos

There are more and more of these type of videos popping up on YouTube and other video sharing sites. This one struck me because the artist follows a pretty sound academic approach: layout the structure and form and then work out tonality before jumping into the hues (colors). Well at least he did in this painting - but you will still see a lot of back and forth type edits in this time accelerated video. Painting with software and your computer can be very time consuming and frustrating so having a structured approach really helps. Here is the site of the artist, Nico de Mattia if you want to see more. He calls these speed paintings but that is phrase used by most digital artist to mean a short (less than one hour) painting session - his videos are more like (accelerated) art demo music videos.
Links to some other art demo videos:
Painting the Mona Lisa with MS Paint
Jim Lee Draws a Comic Scene
Adam Hughes Con Sketch Part 1
If anyone else out there has some favorite art demo videos please post or provide link in a comment - we could start a collection of links for those like what I propose for reading material.

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