Monday, July 23, 2007

7/23/07 - Newsarama's One Step Column 2007

Lots of books have been written about it and lots of web space is dedicated to it - HOW TO BREAK INTO COMICS (?) (Get a crow bar and flashlight - oh not how to break into a comics shop? Oops, Never mind!)

You may remember I have posted about the One Step column (15th installment and looks like only one for this year? Use the "One Step" label to link to the previous post) by Jim Zubkavich (project manager and illustrator for Udon Comics as well as a part-time animation instructor somewhere in Toronto) over at newsarama was an ongoing Op/Ed column trying to give comic artist rookies some insider advice about how to get a professional gig.

Jim has written a lot about what should be in your portfolio in the past but this latest post is more about the old saying "'s all about who you know...". The article makes a lot of sense, nobody wants to work with a social retard or an arrogant jerk - so remember to polish up on those people skills along with perfecting your page layout skills or your Photoshop coloring prowess. It's the networking and your skills that will get you that exclusive contract from Marvel or DC.

By the way, all the previous One Step columns are accessible as links at the bottom of the current post. Check them out!

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