Sunday, July 15, 2007

07/15/07 - Collaboration: The Sum is Greater Than the Parts!

My goal in setting up this blog were many fold (and continue to be) but besides just promoting our group and our goals (see mission statement, still a work in progress, hint, hint..) was to have a collaborative site that was more (grander, more intelligent, more insightful, more knowledgeable, more inspiring, unfettered by geographical restraints...OK , I hope you get my drift..) than any one person. This is a TEAM blog and anyone who is regular attendee (heck, just come to more than one meeting..) is encouraged to ask me to be added to the group (a quick and painless procedure).

SO I was greatly pleased on one hand and little frustrated on the other when a visitor to our last CCG meeting sent me several ideas for posts. Pleased because this is the type of collaboration that can make this site really click and frustrated because for the most part this blog ends up being my singular voice. Please support this blog with your posts, comments or even emails (for the very shy :-) . Opposing viewpoints or opinions are encouraged... an ongoing dialog is a great way to learn and grow!


  1. Rodger that. Sorry about that. I must say that I have many insecurities about even posting anything. I'm not an art student, nor am I well versed in many of the things we may discuss. However, I will do my best to support the group.

    P.S: Oh, and I didn't know how to post originally... but now I do :)

  2. Well, in all honesty I did post for awhile once in a blue moon. I haven't had alot to contribute, nor alot of my own work to talk about as I've not been doing comic work as often as I did before coming to Lexington. But I do support CCG and what it's doing (despite the fact that meeting times tend to get fubarred by my class/work schedules). I think there should be more illustrative groups like this in town.