Sunday, July 15, 2007

07/15/07 - DC Comics Creates Web Comics Portal

Hey web comic artists! DC Comics has started a new online publishing venture and they are soliciting for content. This was sent to me by Chuck Moore at

Per the New York Times article...

The imprint, called, will permit aspiring cartoonists to register at its Web site and submit an eight-panel sample of their work. Starting in October and each month thereafter, editors at DC Comics will select 10 entries, post them for public view and invite people to vote for their favorite. Editors may also declare as many as six submissions to be instant winners during the calendar year.

“We’ve always found interesting stuff in submissions,” said Paul Levitz, president and publisher of DC Comics. “One of the problems that comics have today, I think, is that open door is much more closed. This creates a more open door.”

Most people who produce online comics do so as labors of love. Some post their work online free, hoping to catch a publisher’s eye or gain a following, but Zuda will offer a rare chance to become a paid professional.

Before I could post what Chuck had sent me another Charles (Lines and Colors Charley Parker) posted this on his blog with some analysis of the ramifications from someone who has been doing web comics for over a decade (and may have been the first to do so?).

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