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11/17/07 - Illustration Resources

Pronunciation: \ˌi-ləs-ˈtrā-shən also i-ˌləs-\
Function: noun
Date:14th century
1 a: the action of illustrating : the condition of being illustrated barchaic : the action of making illustrious or honored or distinguished2: something that serves to illustrate: as a: an example or instance that helps make something clear b: a picture or diagram that helps make something clear or attractive

This post will hopefully be updated by lots of you on a regular basis. If you see something here that you don't agree with or feel is missing leave a comment.

Illustration Art - David Apatoff really likes great pictures. Inspriation from some of the best.
Gurney Journey - James Gurney of Dinotopia fame frequently updates this excellent blog. Shares lots of his working methods and techniques.
Visual Editors - a group effort "the classroom of visual journalism". Great for technical illustrations or informative illustration (ala USA Today diagram).
Today's Inspiration - Leif Peng's labor of love and the source for 1940's and 1950's illustration information.

Illustrator's Bible - Rob Howard shares his tips for a wide variety of traditional media
Rendering in Pen and Ink - the classic by Arthur Guptill.
Digital Character Design and Painting - techniques for using Photoshop CS in digital illustration by Don Seegmiller, the middle of three similar books, the first deals with Painter, the latest with Photoshop CS3

Illustration Magazine - lots of the old masters covered
Illo - contemporary illustrators
ImagineFX - British import (pricey), DVD insert, trial software, artist profiles, tutorials
2DArtist - online PDF (inexpensive), lots of tutorials


Traditional Colleges and Universities
Savannah School of Design (SCAD) - with campuses in Savannah, Georgia and Atlanta Georgia:Undergrad and Masters Degrees
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) - Undergrad only for Illustration
American Academy of Art - the school in Chicago that Alex Ross (and his mother) attended
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - has a Medical Illustration degree (see Gurney Journey blog for his review)
University of Georgia - has a Scientific Illustration undergrad program and a Medical Illustration Masters Program through their Medical College.

Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) - this program is gaining in recognition. Chris Payne heads up the Illustration Department.
Summer Intensives, Online and Hybrid Courses
The Illustration Academy - summer intensives with working illustrators

The Art Department (TAD) - online/hybrid courses from the Illustration Academy and Massive Black/
Visual Literacy Program - online video tutorials from the Illustration Academy, and TAD instructors- has two options: adults and high school students

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