Thursday, November 22, 2007

11/22/07 - Advice For Freelance Artists

This post was on the Drawn blog a couple of days ago and I think is worth reading by anyone who wants to or is making part of the livelihood from freelance illustration or contract comic work. There is good advice here for those just starting out about internships and developing a portfolio (traditional and on-line).

Dave Roman the author of the post linked above is an artist himself and has worked for Nickelodeon Magazine for nine years so he has some credibility on this topic.

This just reiterates what you should already know: people (clients, editors, art directors) like to work with pleasant, professional people that they know can deliver the requested work with a minimum of hand holding. Target your portfolio to your own strengths and interests. Strive to be able to take revisions with good humor - this is a winning ability and will get you more work later down the road.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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