Saturday, September 13, 2008

09/13/08 - UK Community Arts Group Gallery Show - Year TWO!

This is a project that I helped with and participated in last year (photo gallery of last years's show courtesy of Sung Ha Kang) and am really looking forward to doing so again for this year! Thanks to UK Art Department Chair, Ben Withers and rock-star Fiber Arts Professor Arturo Sandoval for their generosity and assistance in helping make this opportunity happen then and now!

Participation open for all for all current attendees of open life drawing sessions! See link at bottom to reserve your space.


As provided by Arturo Sandoval, Barnhart Gallery Director, are as follows
  • September 27-29, 2008 (UPDATED 9/16/08): Setup Dates. Group set up Saturday 9/27/08 in the time we usually draw - 9am to 12 (best time for all to set up) - I will simultaneously be doing digital acquisition of images to facilitate the Hub video wall show in November!
  • October 1-10, 2008, Exhibition dates.
  • October 3rd, 2008 (Updated 9/30/08): Friday 6-9pm Reception will have food and drink served. Sign up to contribute a dish here and check on what is already promised here.
  • October 11th, 2008, Take down date.


Volunteers are needed to help with the following:

  • Reception setup and coordination
  • Registration and division of gallery space for individual artists
  • Distribution of promotional material, posters and show cards
General Information:

The show will be "salon style" there will be a 4" wide black paper mount wrapped around the gallery walls - this is your display area (exception some may request one of three or four floor stands for objects or booklet display). Space will be allocated based on total number committing to display. Last year everyone had approximately a 10' x 48" area to display in (enough for several images - bring more than you need to hang so we can be sure and fill the walls). See photo gallery of last year if this unclear.

You will also need to:
  • produce a short artist statement (to fit on a letter size page (max) & mount with your art
  • sign and turn in the simple release form before displaying your work
Online Sign Up:

Reserve your space for Community Arts Group display!
  • in Barnhart Gallery (October 1-11, 2008) and/or
  • digital video wall display in the Hub @ WT's (November 1-30, 2008). Click here to see a video about the Hub - a new concept in library space for the University.

Contact info:

Community Arts Group

UK Department of Art

UK Libraries

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