Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CG Hub

This is just a quick blurb on my part. I found a link to a place called CG Hub tonight. As best as I can tell at just some cursory skimming, it's a site to get artists connected with entertainment companies (i.e. Blizzard, animation studios, games, etc.). I felt the need to share it with you guys.
http://www.cghub.com/ Check it out when you have the time.


  1. Nice link Gladys!

    Are you not using DeviantArt any more? This sort of seems like a pro artist version of that - don't you think? This kind of web networking and digital gallery is good to do/have.

    But you need to have other irons (hard copy sample sheets sent to targeted art directors -see Graphic Artists Market, old fashioned business card network, agencies repping for you (as the CCG is starting to do)) in the fire as well.


  2. I still have my DA page, but I took down all my artwork. For full details, browse back through the journal on there a few paces. But basically, DA is one giant kid's sandbox and art theft runs pretty rampant on there. It's a hugbox more than a place for serious critiques.