Monday, September 15, 2008

09/15/08 - Location Sketching - East Indian Dance Performance

Update: 9/16/08
- this was a great event! Krithika Rajagopalan of the Natya Dance Theater of Chicago both instructed and entertained a small, but riveted group of students, professors and families from our local Indo community. Many thanks to her for sharing an art form she clearly holds dear.

Jump over to my personal art blog by clicking here to see some of my sketches (have to scan) and some photos from the event.

I am constantly looking for events or opportunities where local artists, including myself, can draw, sketch, or paint from life. This is in adjunct to regular life drawing sessions I attend throughout the week. These other opportunities are a chance to study the figure in clothing and in action - two aspects missing from standard nude life drawing sessions.

Today, Monday 9/15/08 (5-6:15 & 7-8pm) at the Recital Hall of the UK Singletary Center For the Arts, there will be a free event that should be great for lots of visual artists that enjoy/take advantage of the the benefits of LOCATION SKETCHING.

Bharata Natnam Performance. Lecture and demo. Performance follows after a 45 minute break. Sponsored by the University of Kentucky Asia Center and the University of Kentucky Department of Theater.

Today is a prime example of a great chance to study a number of items:
  • the clothed figure and how wrinkles fold and drape
  • the figure in an aesthetic and repetitive movement - dance
  • an exotic and foreign culture to the standard American fare
If you go, be a courteous artist and keep a low profile, clean up after yourself and ask before assuming anything. I have not contacted the hosts to discuss sketching on site so please follow good etiquette and request approval before starting. I am hopeful that as long as we are low-key and not a distraction that there should not be any problems.

Tips for capturing the moving figure:
  • Look for poses that repeat and that you will be able to view again. Try several at one time on your page - coming back to each as you see and learn more.
  • Take a mental snapshot - close your eyes and hold the image of the figure in your head - then open your eyes and transfer to your paper.
  • Share your tips with others - leave a comment on this blog. Look for links to my work or others.... here.

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