Wednesday, September 17, 2008

09/18/08 - Art Instruction - Excellent Post and Comments of Gurney Journery about drawing from Plaster Casts

James Gurney is an amazing artist and has a great learning resource - his personal art blog Gurney Journey.

Here he talks about every imaginable aspect of art; from fine art oil painters technique from17th century Europe to building a maquette of a man riding a dinosaur. He is most well known for multi book series Dinotopia but here is a link to an interesting post he put up about the decline of cast drawing after iconoclasts destroyed many in the 40s and 5os. The post is good but the discussion it provokes is even better! Damn those iconoclasts - can't we all just get along?


Contact me if you will join in on a campaign to try and get this marvelous speaker and artist to come lecture/demo for one of our area Art Programs (UK, EKU, BEREA, TRANSY? )- he has two speaking engagement openings in April if we can consolidate support and get a plan together!

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